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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2019 9:30am-9:46am CET

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extrude begin. to move really know their stuff. with a good building and definitional. party and checked with sedition stroll around the world to learn how to. make groups every week. after over three months in a tokyo prison on charges of financial wrongdoing x. . goannas released on bail his incarceration cause an international outcry to japan's so-called hostage justice system. also coming up chinese take
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josh away has opened a promotional office in brussels to reassure european policymakers that its policies are transparent and that its technology is safe. a welcome to do business i want to get jones in berlin and chinese take company why is on a charm offensive the normally secretive company is not the only roading out and media welcome mat at its headquarters in china it is also had just opened a cyber security law in brussels in a bid to show what transparency in europe. the security labs launched comes amid lobbying efforts by washington to shine while way over concerns its equipment could help china carry out digital espionage while way executives hope the new center will reassure e.u. policymakers about the company's cyber security efforts we believe that both cost and these trust should be based on facts. not physics not
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speculation not that it's real. and we believe that fact must be verifiable. and verification. must be based on. the sun our world our wireless companies to review the source code running wild ways network year the industry understands that a combined effort is needed to bolster security laws there is no silver bullet i'm sure we cannot guarantee you one hundred percent security such things do not exist collaboration is the key and that's why so this is like this for the what we transparency center here in brussels are selling for to ensure the previously and security of individuals of networks and actually in future whole industry sector sounds europe is we're always biggest market outside of china so the company hopes to play a key role in building the continent's five g.
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infrastructure but it faces competition from rivals ericsson and nokia. fifth generation technology enables lightning fast download speeds and reduces response times advances that will transform many industries. for man this on boss cars go on has left prison after being granted bail of almost nine million dollars he is charged with underreporting his salary for years and passing on personal losses to nyssa since his arrest back in november he's lost the chairman positions at rhino and mitsubishi the height. says he is innocent. all right let's talk a little bit about this with my colleague matthew moore who has been following the developments there and first of all matthew i believe that especially japan's judicial system has now well come under fire but people are looking closely at it yes well this was always going to be a case to draw drew huge attention globally in the auto industry facing charges of
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fraud and losing stripped of his job and fighting his reputation but in recent weeks the focus has turned on the japanese distances to measure say it's being criticized by international observers who've called hostage justice system that is because of these lengthy pretrial detention and limited access to legal representation and lawyers and critics say that you know japan's high level some nine or ten convictions in japan are the product of confessions and so they say that these lengthy detentions are designed to yield a confession and a successful conviction. and what we have in the last few days is a new legal team of command and applied for bail. and this time they they were successful where does this leave the case we were still talking about several serious charges. walks free today but he's not
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a free man he has to for trial there's a strict conditions you know as we say he's facing let's not forget he's facing charges of enriching himself through his company and transferring investment losses and. he denies the charges for saying he's said he will clear his name in the very limited public statements he's made through interviews from from behind bars in the past few months he said this is orchestrated by rivals and so the trial is still to come and he will face a trial says that he's been given some degree of freedom this is not the end of the story just yet matthew moore thank you so much. well turning to china now the country says it will no longer force foreign companies to give up technology secrets in exchange for market axes that's according to a top economic official that complains that beijing denounced the disclosure of intellectual property from foreign investors have been of a hoss all of the u.s.
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china trade disputes the provisions designed to quote clarify investment rules are expected to be robust of the annual meeting of the country's national nature. of more on that story let's cross over to our market correspondent zain frank how significant is this move towards clarifying investment rules for german companies in china. it could be a very significant step i mean you can always take the position that when china formulates the phrase we're not going to have an administrative requirement to transfer technology from the government side you still leave the door open for companies to say a chinese company to a german company well we won't get into business unless you transfer your intellectual property share your technology to us and with us but talk to an economist this morning and got his reaction and he said step in the right direction
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and interestingly he said that it was in the chinese own interest because at the moment they may be seen still as someone as a country as a nation as a business community who are dependent on intellectual property developments from outside but soon that could change and the chinese are working on that and so that rule could work to their benefit in the future that would also be an aim he assumes and i mean how will this new rule impact trade negotiations with the u.s. . it comes at just the right time it comes a little late the chinese could have done this earlier but it's clearly aimed to facilitate the talks and to ease an agreement in the end and it's also can be seen as a signal that an agreement is becoming a bit more likely it'll be interesting to see how the markets react and the further course of the day this was a major claim by the united states and let's see what the chinese demand from the u.s.
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and return in detail about the fact that thank you. the future is electric so say the world's major common factor is at the geneva motor show currently underway in switzerland it's an old tune with heard it before but this time they just my training meet. the audi q four each trans world premiere an electric car aimed at repairing an image shattered by the diesel emissions scandal the english based company has been hemorrhaging customers to rivals b.m.w. and. his new c.e.o. bram short is giving top priority to electrum ability to queue for each on goes on sale next year aggressively priced at forty thousand euros a bold attempt to conquer a sizeable chunk of the electric car market. twenty twenty five that will be one third will be electrified meaning seventy percent is still not electrified but the way we look at the feedback from introducing our heater on you could be in for
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a surprise you know i think probably markets would be accepting electrification a little bit better and sooner than we expect french persia's also to make inroads into electric vehicles for the first time it's pretty two zero eight will be marketed in a petrol and an electric version persia's banking on electrifying small models. but surely it sits around it's going even further it's am i one won't only be electric but also autonomous. what is a concept and obviously what we what we're testing now is to people like it does it make sense and then we will we will then if if people say ok that actually makes sense we then look at the feasibility in the business plan and that obviously if we were to bring a car like that into the market of course we would want to make money to start to is ready for mass production of all those new electric model a clear challenge to us electric car maker tesla's midsized sedans it was developed under the leadership of chinese parent company gili the global auto market is on
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the cusp of seismic change the industry analysts agree that the future is electric . many of the current shown here can be bought. within the next couple of months during two thousand and nineteen so it seems to be a little bit like a breakthrough what we experience here. in geneva today show automotive is counting on not putting forward a study for a fully electric sports car from the folks in on ph sun head to the company it's a toss up as to whether or not it will ever be built so no though all it has to do is impress the professionals. twenty four days to go until bricks it spreading is due to leave the e.u. on march the twenty nine so far without a was draw agreement in place hard or no deal breaks it seems ever more likely and that's what her future consequences especially on the supply chains trucks in and out of britain would have to be checked at customs border us
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a trial run shows just how time consuming that would be. here at the ports of cali customs officers have no way of knowing what exactly they're preparing for after all it's still unclear whether britain will leave the european union with or without a deal later this month still whatever the details of the exit checked will inevitably increase as a new border between the u.k. and the e.u. comes into force. that will bring new customs challenges checking an additional border is an entirely new domain. everyone's will have to declare their goods both operators and individuals in the coming days we don't have enough resources we risk having even longer traffic jams than today on. our own three hundred customs officers walk in cali now the plan is to deploy an additional seven hundred staff and create a new border control facility that if britain leaves the e.u.
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without a deal. in someplace. so famous we are ready for this revolution of the borders there won't be a bottleneck of the century in cali we'll obviously check the goods arriving on european on french soil we'll work smart with digital solutions in this one. to take place so that things go smoothly in march and april and here we did well it's not so good with the unions aren't so up to mystic the fia customs officers will have to work extra shifts as well as at night if additional officers aren't deployed on time. and as a business update from me and the team member thanks for keeping us company.
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my first. machine. i am wrong women are bound by this notion for something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle isn't. they wanted. and it took me years to an. untruth. because sewing
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machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for those than rising on my. knowledge i want to meet those woman back home who are bones by their duties and social rules and inform them of old dead beats and write. my name is them out of the home and they wore them. alone welcome it's also in culture all the way for the next quarter. is what's coming up. galaga felts final creations on the paris fashion week will take a look at his legacy. hagan's
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aerial photo showed human devastating impact on the landscape. and the russian. minutes. pencil tips we put them under the microscope. we begin with the culmination of paris fashion week that has already been dominated by the absence of design a legend who died for the nineteenth of the age of eighty five cheers de sol the presentation of final collection for in the famous garage a scene of some of his grace's trial the show transporting. village with. against the backdrop of mountain peaks now i'm joined by dedicated follower of fashion mr. q. and a big day for the fashion industry. invariably the high
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point of any paris fashion week now but after the. funeral in accordance with.


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